President speaks of the power of love

Monday, 16 July 2012

The President of the Uniting Church in Australia Andrew Dutney has spoken about the practical nature of love's unexpected power.

Addressing the 13th triennial Assembly for the first time since his installation last night, Rev. Prof. Dutney spoke of a love which could not always be felt but remained real and alive.

"We can choose, when he calls us together to be one flock of one shepherd, one body with many members," he said at Monday's opening worship service.

Rev. Prof. Dutney described it as a power that could not always be felt but remained real.

"Let us commit to (a) practical love in this Assembly; that we may be Christ's flock and he may lead us."

Fundamentally, he said, practical love is that of the true God being enacted.

Rev. Prof. Dutney led members to affirm their belief in a God "who rules as does the sun by day and moon by night'' and who reigns not by force but by love.