"We must continually seek renewal..."

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Visiting theologian Rev. Luna Dingayan today challenged Assembly members to renew their commitment to God and his mission in the world.

Rev. Dingayan – President of the Ecumenical Theological Seminary in the Philippines – said continually seeking renewal was the very essence of a Protestant church.

"A church that stops seeking genuine change would cease to be a Protestant church,'' Rev. Dingayan said in his first bible study at the 13th Triennial Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia.

But, he warned it was not an easy task to follow God's mission and it required a willingness to see, hear and act in accordance with God's will.

Rev. Dingayan reflected that many were not able to express their real concerns because of a very real fear of persecution. He said that it was just as important to "hear" what people were "not saying" as it was to listen to the actual words they were saying.

Rev. Dingayan said it was important for Christians to seek to truly understand and identify with the suffering of people as well as seeking to lead them from a land of captivity to a land of promise.

He also said this was not an activity which would tie up "a few hours (or a) few dollars'' but required a commitment for life.

An edited transcript of Rev. Dingayan's presentation is available at www.unitingworld.org.au