Christmas Island Chaplain addresses Assembly

Wednesday, 18 July 2012
Rev. Christine Senini Rev. Christine Senini (click to expand)

Rev. Christine Senini has told the Uniting Church's 13th Assembly of her "deep joy" at serving as a chaplain on Christmas Island over the past six months.

Rev. Senini said the primary roles of the mission of chaplaincy were to guard the sacred and to act with compassion.

She shared several stories from her Christmas Island ministry with Assembly members.

One Afghani survivor of a boat from which lives were lost told her, “It’s better to die whole than in pieces,” in reference to the Taliban practice of deliberately separating bodies so they could receive a proper burial.

In a recent service for Tamil and Sinhalese Sri Lankan arrivals, among them Catholics, Anglicans and Pentecostals, Rev. Senini was even asked to bless donated rosary beads.

Rev. Senini also draw laughter from the Assembly relating how a “rough diamond” on the island told her, “You’re the first religious leader in many years that I haven’t wanted to throw rocks at!”

UCA President Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney said he would normally ask Assembly to pray for Rev. Senini, but instead asked her to pray for Assembly.ower of God’s love in action.” on the impact of droughts and flood and the detrimental impact on food production for his country.