Spreading the Word in Tonga and China

Monday, 16 July 2012
Rev. Dr Tevita H. Palefau Rev. Dr Tevita H. Palefau (click to expand)

Assembly members at today’s UnitingWorld lunch have heard that the church in many parts of the world is thriving.

In China more than 700,000 churches open their doors to a conservative estimate of between 23 and 70 million Christians.

The 13th Assembly this week hosts the largest delegation of senior officials from China’s Protestant Church ever to visit Australia.

General Secretary of the China Christian Council Rev. Ken Baoping said that the Chinese Church is enjoying emerging acceptance within Chinese society in recognition of its role as peacemakers, reconcilers and comforters.

Rev. Dr Tevita H. Palefau from Tonga spoke of the strength of the local church in the field of education as mission, as well as the importance of the Church in providing support to deportees who have returned to Tonga.

Tongans who have been repatriated after criminal convictions in other countries often find themselves back in Tonga with little or no means of support in a culture that is often foreign to them.  

The Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga is doing the best it can to provide support and pastoral care for people who find themselves in this situation.