NZ Methodists give thanks for quake aid

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The General Secretary of the Methodist Church of New Zealand, Rev. David Bush, has thanked the Uniting Church in Australia for its prayer and financial support in the aftermath of last year’s tragic Christchurch earthquakes, which claimed 186 lives.

Addressing Assembly members on Day Five of the 13th Assembly, Rev. Bush said the natural disaster made 8,000 homes uninhabitable and effectively destroyed the central business district of the South Island’s largest city.

Rev. Bush said the people of Christchurch had been deeply affected by the event but coped because they knew people, such as Uniting Church members, were standing alongside them.

“You saw the brokenness and the need and … you responded with prayer, care and practical love,” Rev. Bush said.

“We have experienced the love of God’s people which is proof that God is active and alive and supporting us,” he said.