Media Releases

Perth, Western Australia, will host the next meeting of the triennial Assembly meeting of the Uniting Church in Australia in 2015.

New study resources will be created to help Uniting Church congegations and members develop neighbourly relations with people in Australia’s multicultural society who are shaped by other faiths.

The Uniting Church Assembly has called Church Councils, Boards and Agencies to uphold the views of the Uniting Aboriginal Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) as it makes decisions about the appropriateness of the changes proposed by the Federal Government which will go to a referendum regarding constitutional change.

On the final day of business at the 13th Assembly, members expressed a clear intent to continue to grow the covenanting relationship with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC).

Eighteen members have been chosen to sit on the Assembly Standing Commitee for the next three years.

The 13th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia has acknowledged the Church’s existing understanding of marriage and has decided to continue a respectful conversation on marriage within the Church.

On the second last day of business at the 13th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, members were treated to the eye-opening wit and humour of economist and Executive Director of the Australia Institute, Dr Richard Denniss.

The Uniting Church in Australia has promised a renewed approach to multicultural and cross-cultural ministry.

The Uniting Church has a new regulation for applications by ministers of other denominations to serve in placements.

Ministers returning to serve with the Uniting Church after having previously left are now able to return through a process similar to those candidating for ordained ministry.

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