Making friends with people of other faiths

Saturday, 21 July 2012

New study resources will be created to help Uniting Church congegations and members develop neighbourly relations with people in Australia’s multicultural society who are shaped by other faiths.

A paper called Friendship in the Presence of Difference: Christian Witness in Multifaith Australia will be drawn on to create these resources which will be commended to presbyteries and congregations, along with the paper, for use.

The Uniting Church Assembly meeting in Adelaide heard from the Relations with other Faiths Working Group that the changing global and Australian context brought about since September 11 had increased the need and urgency for the resources.

After the first four amendments were passed with consensus earlier during the meeting, then on July 21, Rev. Glenda Blakefield, Assembly Associate General Secretary, put amendment five of the proposal to Assembly for presbyteries and congregations to receive the resource for their use.

Rev. Dr Chris Walker responded on behalf of the paper’s primary author, Keith Rowe, who was not present, to comments from the members of Assembly about the wording.

He said that the paper had been scrutinised by the Doctrine Working Group, and was offered as a resource not a statement from the Uniting Church, and that other resources were intended to supplement it.

Members of the Assembly passed the proposal by agreement.