Western Australia to host 14th Assembly

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Perth, Western Australia, will host the next meeting of the triennial Assembly meeting of the Uniting Church in Australia in 2015.

During the final business of the meeting, Rev. Sealin Garlett, Nyungar Elder from Western Australia, invited members to come from all over Australia to discern the will of God together, as they undertake the business of the Church.

“I want to welcome you fellas there,” he said. “That, as we come from the north, east, the south and the west, that we come together as God’s people.”

Kay Dowling, General Secretary of the Uniting Church in Western Australia, warmly said, “On behalf of the Synod of WA, we’d like to extend and invitation to you to attend the 14th triennial Assembly in Nyungar land, in Perth Western Australia.”