Property regulations amended (Prop 12)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Assembly on Monday morning amended the Church’s regulations to make the Assembly’s operational arrangements regarding property more secure and easier to negotiate with external parties.

Assembly General Secretary the Rev. Terence Corkin said the proposed change addressed a practical arrangement, whereby Assembly held legal title to property that was vested in the property trusts of the synods where the property was located.

These arrangements had led to some administrative complexity, especially in dealings with external parties, particularly governments, and in some funding arrangements.

The proposal to change the regulations was intended to serve operational efficiency by allowing property to be vested in the Assembly’s name, with Standing Committee to make decisions to buy, sell or lease unless delegated.

The Rev. Shayne Blackman, National Administrator of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress, asked about the impact of the proposal on the rights of Congress to self-manage its own affairs.

Rev. Corkin said that Assembly Standing Committee did take guidance from the agencies and, although the proposal was for agencies to purchase in the name of the Assembly, the capacity for the agencies to be authorised to hold land title would remain.