The Assembly resolve to

place on record its appreciation for the contribution rendered to the life of the Uniting Church in Australia by the Rev Dr Paul Walton during the 15 years he served as Convener of the Assembly Working Group on Worship and, in particular, his oversight of and personal contribution to, the development and publication of Uniting in Worship 2.

Paul served as Convener of the Working Group during a particularly demanding period. The time and effort involved in the preparation for publication of Uniting in Worship 2 was extraordinary, particularly as the process involved some strong differences of opinion and required careful and even-handed judgment and negotiation. Uniting in Worship 2 represents an invaluable contribution to the Uniting Church and it has been warmly commended ecumenically.

In addition, under Paul’s leadership, the Working Group developed a wide range of other worship resources, as well as a number of papers aimed at helping the Church understand the nature, purpose and structure of worship within the reformed and evangelical tradition, culture and theology of the Uniting Church. Much of this work was Paul’s own personal contribution.

Throughout his time as Convener, Paul represented the Working Group at Assembly Meetings, was (and still is) a member of the Australian Consultation on Liturgy, and has been a member of the Australian Academy of Liturgy and the international liturgical body, Societas Liturgica. He is widely known and respected for the breadth and depth of his knowledge.

At this time Paul continues as a member of the Working Group. We are deeply grateful for his wisdom, knowledge and experience and his ongoing commitment to enrich the worshipping life of the Uniting Church.