That the Assembly resolve to

place on record its appreciation for the service of Mr Robert Runco as Executive Director of the Uniting Church in Australia Beneficiary Fund. 

Robert Runco was appointed to the position of Executive Director of the Beneficiary Fund on 1 December 2000 after the retirement of the Rev Clem Dickinson.

As the first Executive Director of the Fund and its predecessors who was not a Minister of the Church, Robert’s pastoral approach and deep respect for the Church enabled a smooth transition during what many saw as a major break with the past.  Robert brought extensive experience in the superannuation and the investment industry together with a legal background.

As a practising member of the Roman Catholic Church, Robert brought an ecumenical concern and awareness to his work with the Fund and with the Uniting Church.

The Board and staff of the Beneficiary Fund acknowledge and affirm his extensive contribution to the Fund and to the Uniting Church.  He helped steer the Fund through a time of significant change. Together with the Board, he addressed the complex issues that marked a new era in superannuation for a fund such as the Beneficiary Fund. 

Robert was keen to be involved in the wider Church, and was a member of the National Director’s group.  

Robert is a gifted person and related well to the members of the Fund, both individually and in public occasions.  His humour served him well, together with his ability to help the Church and members understand and relate to the complexity of a fund such as ours.

Robert served the Fund and the Church with faithfulness and integrity despite serious health issues immediately prior to his retirement.  We wish him every blessing for the future in his recovery from life threatening surgery.