Friday, 15 June 2012

That the Assembly resolve to     

            amend Regulation 3.10.2 to read:


3.10.2    (a)       These and any other Regulations may be amended by addition, deletion or  alteration by a decision of the

(i)         Assembly, .; or

(ii)      Assembly Standing Committee where the Assembly in session has resolved to delegate the authority to amend to the Standing Committee;

 provided that details of any proposed amendment have been published in   

 the agenda of the Assembly or the Standing Committee or stated in a notice

 of motion which has been duly given in accordance with standing orders and

 which specifically states or necessarily implies that any such proposal

 involves an amendment to the Regulations.


(b)        Amendments to the Regulations shall have effect from the time of passing of the relevant resolution or at such other time as the Assembly, or the Standing Committee, may specify.


(d)      Any act or decisions made under Regulations prior to the amendment thereof shall not be rendered invalid by reason of such amendment but shall subsequently be varied to comply with the amended Regulations if so directed by the Assembly or other authority body concerned.


(e)        Any body within the Church affected by Regulations may request the Assembly to amend the Regulations.


The Standing Committee is submitting a proposal (# 15) that it be authorised to amend the Discipline Regulations (Part 5). Regulation 3.10.2 provides for the process through which the Regulations shall be amended. At present changes to the Regulations can only be made by the Assembly, following a particular process. In practice the Assembly has amended the Regulations by explicitly changing them itself or giving a very specific reference to the Standing Committee.


Proposal 15 invites the Assembly to make amendments to a part of the Regulations without a specific or detailed referral from the Assembly. It intends to empower the Standing Committee to act on its own initiative to change the Regulations. Regulation 3.10.2, as presently written, does not allow for the Standing Committee to act in this way.