41. Alternative Regulation 3.1.7 in Part 8 of the Alternative Regulations for Korean Churches (Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Ministry)

Friday, 15 June 2012

That the Assembly resolve to:

delete Alternative Regulation 3.1.7, in Part 8 of the Alternative Regulations for Korean Churches, with immediate effect.


Alternative Regulations 3.1.7 – 3.1.8


3.1.7 (a)      The Assembly recognises the Council of Korean Churches as a national body which links all Korean Congregations and Korean ministers throughout the Uniting Church.The role of the Council is that of:

-  fellowship;

-  advice to all Korean Congregations and ministers;

-  promotion of the life and mission of the Uniting Church among Korean  


-  the administration of financial support from the stronger to the weaker Congregations; and

-  stimulation of mission, outreach, education and service in Korean Congregations.

(b)     The powers and responsibilities of the Council of Korean Churches do not diminish the powers and responsibilities of Congregations, Church Councils, Presbyteries, Synods and the Assembly. In particular, the Council does not have a role in determining applications for candidature for ministry nor in the processes of placements of ministers.

(c)     The Council shall report to the Assembly from time to time through the national agency for multicultural ministry.


In February 2012 the Council of Korean Churches became the Korean National Conference under the Guidelines for Uniting National Conferences. Under these Guidelines the Korean National Conference will now include all Korean-speaking UCA congregations and faith communities; all Korean-speaking ministers ministering in those congregations/faith communities, all Korean-speaking ministers ministering in English-speaking congregations, all Korean UCA members of non-Korean speaking congregations, and all non-Korean ministers ministering in Korean-speaking congregations/faith communities.

Uniting National Conferences are a recognised way by which the UCA supports the various CALD communities across its life and ministries. They provide opportunities for cultural and language support, networking across the breadth of the UCA, ways in which ministers in English-speaking congregations/faith communities with members from the particular CALD community can better understand the life, culture and ways of expressing life and faith of a different culture, and assist CALD communities and leaders in their journey in and into the UCA. They also provide an important ‘voice’ into the broader life of the UCA through the national Multicultural and Cross-cultural Ministry office.

Establishing the Korean National Conference is an important step in the ongoing inclusion of Korean-speaking ministries right across the Australia into the broader life of the UCA. It also places those ministries into the same framework, Guidelines for Uniting National Conferences, that is now used by 10 CALD communities across the life of the UCA. These Guidelines are administered through the national Multicultural and Cross-cultural Ministry guided by the national director. The Assembly Standing Committee, following recommendations from the Uniting National Conferences Working Group, approves the Guidelines from time to time.

It is important for the members of Assembly to understand that a National Conference is not a recognised Council of the UCA and is therefore quite different from the Korean Presbytery recently established in the synod of NSW/ACT.