48. AMENDMENT TO PROPOSAL # 11 – ADMISSION OF MINISTERS FROM ANOTHER DENOMINATION (UnitingWorld and Multicultural and Cross Cultural Ministry)

Monday, 09 July 2012

That the Assembly

amend Proposal # 11 (Admission of Ministers from Another Denomination),  by the addition of another clause as follows:


In determining whether this Regulation applies, or in making the decision provided for in Regulation x.x.1.h, among other factors to which the Synod or Assembly shall have full regard is any mutual understanding, written or unwritten, between the Uniting Church and its international and / or ecumenical Partners concerning the receiving of Ministers from such Partners. 

And renumber the proposed regulation x.x.1.i to x.x.1.j .


The proposal is brought by the National Directors of UnitingWorld and Multi-Cultural and Cross-Cultural Ministry and the Secretary for Christian Unity, to ensure that the Uniting Church continues to receive Ministers sent by the Uniting Church’s Partner Churches or in furtherance of the Uniting Church’s ecumenical commitments.  Arising from its history of partnership, the Uniting Church has understandings with some churches (some in writing and some not) regarding the sharing of Ministry such that it would not be fitting for the Minister to become a Minister of the Uniting Church.  For the sake of clarity, it is important to state that Ministers for whom recognition as Uniting Church Ministers is not applicable are nevertheless under the oversight and authority of the Uniting Church while also able to retain their status as ministers in good standing in their sending Church.